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Falcon 9 ready for take-off

So the Falcon 9 spacecraft is ready for its first launch given final clearance from the US Air Force to launch from cape canaveral.

As I speak their launch window has 1hr 13 minutes to run (1500 UTC Friday 2nd June 2010), and there is no sign on their site that they have launched yet.

Oh hang on, they had an unexpected issue as the rocket stalled aborting the launch…


Brilliant photo mapping

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So, I like geo locating my photos, and now I've found Yuan.CC Maps that shows them all on a map at the same time, or at least whichever you choose to have. Brilliant !


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I use a little. I thought I'd just back up my list of links here, handy I thought. I'm going to try to sort a way I can add a recent cool links to this blog without having to do a whole new entry each time I find something cool. I wondering maybe a separate links blog would be good that publishes its simple output here.

What can I make to eat?

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Ever looked in your cupboards saw a range of things but had no inspiration of what to eat? I know I have. And then even if you do dare pick up a cookery book you end up not having this and that. This site goes at it the other way, tell it what you've got and it will give you loads of great ideas og what you can make. Some classics to be had, "Bacon Surprise, Bacon Surprise", the surprise, its just bacon, add sauce and break to taste... no complaints here...

Penny Contructions

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Pictures of Pennies being stacked in very cool structures, bridges, pyramids, spiral towers [link from boingboing]

Gadgetty crap

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Gazotto lists and comments on gadgetty crap and trends and the like. I thought it was vaguely interesting in the same way a stuff magazine and T3 (the latter being far better than the former imho).


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Foound this the other day, faily well filtered interesting news, of the failry techie variety, � Internet News for the Masses. Its al about people volunterring news stories they've seen, probably similar idea to the popular/new thread on delicious

A380 maiden flight

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BBC NEWS - A380 takes off for maiden flight. Just watched the live stream of this with Benjamin, he said it was a turtle, but I told him it wasn't. So it went along the runway what seemed like very slowly after a good long wait. So I was half thinking, oh will it make it, but it did. It was quite dull after all, you couldn't really tell the scale, so it was just a plane taking off, tootling off into the distance and turning a bit then the stream ended. Oh well that's history for you I guess.


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Just bought a summerhouse for the garden.
Waltons Retreat Log Cabin
After procrastinating for 6-8 months finally got round to it and bought it. So it should arrive in a couple of weeks, not sure what colour it is going to be yet, but we think a (mildy) reddy mid to dark brown. Should be good, if the instructions I've read are correct then it fits together with interlocking panels one at a time, just like the 'Fort Dallas' I had as a kid growning up :-)
So, we'll put it up and then we can have a BBQ and summer-house warming party, yay !!


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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

well I'll give it a try and see how it goes.


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