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So..., now, as a domain, into its 8th year (about that I think). But maybe not for much longer. I've recently aquired, and well, it does what it says on the tin, its not random, I don't have to explain it, I dont have to spell it out just so people can find it (well, I'll probably have to mention the 'L' for some people).

But then again, cight has been though thick and thin with me, but the spam is piling high. Maybe I'll use it for something (but not mail).

...any ideas?

Doctor Who and Graham Norton

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In a shocking lack of competence, this evenings premiere of the new Doctor Who series was accidentally voiced over with Graham Norton. Graham Norton was on live before with some 'come dancing fever' show and into the first few minutes of Doctor Who there was a number of overlaps of Norton replying to stage directions.

Twisted Knee

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I've twisted my knee :-(. I was at B&Q early this morning fetching some compost for the garden, some 145 Litre bales (1x2x3ft), and let me tell you, they are fair heavy and a half. So I picked the second one up, and turned to put it on the trolley, and had a big twinge in my left knee, down the right side.


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Burns night is coming,
the Haggis are getting fat...

Looking forward to my annual Burns supper with a few friends round and a bottle of Malt.

yay !

Just Surfin'

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Just been surfin around, finding new things an old: Updated my londonGeek profile. Found on google I am now below a mis-spelling or two before finding my site, although swamp the yahoo results. Popped in on gavsky, dave "electricsloth" van zijl, and Mr P, 'ur Ben, and still haven't found anything I want to surf.

10 hour takeover on Radio 1

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Today Radio 1 opened itself up to having the listeners pick what they wanted to hear. Good to see they play some stuff I recognise for a change. I particularly liked "the theme to red dwarf", "Dennis Waterman - Theme from Minder" and the chatter around them. Good to see some old school stuff too, queen,, t'pau, guns 'n' roses, "Theme from The Littlest Hobo" :-)

Issues with hotel

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Quite a few unfortunately, I'm hoping its not going to detract too much from being here at ApacheCon, I'm sure it wont. Its only the tutorial days to start with but already I'm happy with the way the conference is panning out.

So, I get here and the place is a building site, as talked about the apachCon grande chief thing whatsit ken coar on his blog.

Arrived in Vegas

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I'm all here and checked in and unpacked.
Found Andre as soon as I walked into reception, then I got put in this room at the back of the complex.


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We went paintballing yesterday and we thought it would be a good idea to blog vicky's lovely bruises. One on the arm:
bruised arm
...and one on the bum
There are others on both of us, but these were the ones the were lovely and rainbow coloured.


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