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A380 maiden flight

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BBC NEWS - A380 takes off for maiden flight. Just watched the live stream of this with Benjamin, he said it was a turtle, but I told him it wasn't. So it went along the runway what seemed like very slowly after a good long wait. So I was half thinking, oh will it make it, but it did. It was quite dull after all, you couldn't really tell the scale, so it was just a plane taking off, tootling off into the distance and turning a bit then the stream ended. Oh well that's history for you I guess.

'Flat' Pack

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'Flat' Pack
'Flat' Pack originally uploaded by cight.

as per this post the summerhouse has now arrived, as a 'flat' pack. And its pretty big, to say the least..10ft long package by about 3 ft square.

Thats a lot of wood !

The bloke brought it over to the front lawn on a forklift, and left some stylish if not a bit annoying bulky tire tracks.

Now to move it piece by piece to the back garden where it will await being 'preserved' and errected.

Before putting it up we need to put in a concrete base and get rid of the old shed.

New Dell

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New Dell
New Dell, originally uploaded by cight.
Had my new Dell delivered, celeron 2.53 barebones. Expecting to use it as a media centre pc.

Square peg, round hole

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Benjamin has a snaily thng that has a shell that you put shaped plastic bricks in. So he was trying to do it himself, trying to get the star shaped on into the star shaped hole, and he wouldn't get the hang of lining it up, and kept getting stressed and hitting the shape against the hole edges and trying to force it. So anyway, I gave him a little help, and after a while we were getting them in, not first time, but after a little calm contemplation. And then we changed shape and we started all over again. After a while he figured he could just lift the lid and put the shape in without trying to match it to the appropriate hole, clever benjamin.


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Just bought a summerhouse for the garden.
Waltons Retreat Log Cabin
After procrastinating for 6-8 months finally got round to it and bought it. So it should arrive in a couple of weeks, not sure what colour it is going to be yet, but we think a (mildy) reddy mid to dark brown. Should be good, if the instructions I've read are correct then it fits together with interlocking panels one at a time, just like the 'Fort Dallas' I had as a kid growning up :-)
So, we'll put it up and then we can have a BBQ and summer-house warming party, yay !!


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