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Crumbs, quoted in the press I am

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I've just found myself quoted in the press talking about the accessibility of the BBC's website from 2001, and I never even knew at the time : Computer Weekly: Why your site should have disabled access - work, rest and play

Paper Transformers

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Let battle commence, Protoform Project, make your own transformer from paper from a pdf to print out, and them trash them by slamming them against each other ... woo ha !!


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Its skin crawling time again.... errgghhh

Salad Fingers Episode 3 "Nettles"

- I thought it was a bit less good than the others

Salad Fingers Episode 4 "Cage"

- this one is 'magic' though

Aldwych drama part 2

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So yesterday we were not so much alerted, but kinda whispered to on the grapevine that we were locked in our building as there was a suspect package on a bus outside our office. In the end it was only a bag left behind or something, but it does highlight for me two issues.

Drama outside our office


Just now, firemen, policemen, and blokes is hasmat suits. outside the waldorf hotel on aldwych.

Benjamin has his own domain

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The boy is getting techie, and how, now he's got his own domain
Although his html skillz aint so L337 yet.

robin hood, robin hood...

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Afrom the same site Mousebreaker Online Games presents Eagle Eye Archery!. pretty good fun. quick shoot him in the eyes for extra points... !

Stick Cricket


UPDATED : old site now broken, found again here at freeworldgroup stickcricket

One I found while looking around on a site someone sent me, Mousebreaker Online Games presents Stick Cricket! Its pretty playable, unlike other cricket flash games :-)


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Heh, heh, its funny, no really... umm ok... I'm disturbed now...

Salad Fingers Episode 1

Salad Fingers Episode 2 "Friends"

(not safe for humans)


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