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Tories admit defeat

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Tory expert denies defeat warning. Err am I being odd here or do we, the voting public, get a say in who wins the election?

Sure I don't really want the conservatives to win, but I deffinately don't want 'new' Labour to get back in with their lies and deceit (personal opinion), lack of 'giving a shit' about anyone but the rich and love of smooching up to a certain american president.


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Wow, that's some job they've done there... buffyology : searchable Buffy cast, crew and episode database. Nice counterpart to the fact that my girlfriend has every episode on video (and angle, oh except maybe the last series of both). Yay !!

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You know, I'm sure democracy is not 'supposed' to work like this... BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Bush inauguration - 21m spent on makiing sure nobody shot bush, Holding back protestors with Water canons, polls slipping below 50% approval (see title) and now even Blair looks like his unilateral support for his bosom buddy is waning calling for a 'more consensual' approach. I mean you have to be getting pretty bad for even Blair to start saying you've gone to far.

So no Iraq mentioned in the the inauguration speech, thats probably because it looks like he's going to attack Iran next.

Title says it all. In metro this morning there were large adverts for AOL, wannadoo and tiscali. "Unlimited Broadband, �15.99" (up to 256kbps, pah!) pronounced the joyful woman's head via a speech bubble. Then you read the small print in grey on a dark grey background with a point size rendering 3mm high letters, "2GB limit per month".

It's criminal I tell ya, I feel like forwarding the whole thing to the office of fair trading or ofcom, but there is probably some lovely loophole that lets them do it. It not right though, they shouldn't be allowed to give false impressions like that and get away with it !!

p.s. page 11 if you're interested.

UPDATE 24/02/05 - saw another one yesterday and they've removed the 'unlimited' claim.

MS anti-spyware

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Ok its a good idea, and to start with helped me remove lots of nasty spyware... but now its just annoying. It says it has removed something (BrilliantDigital??) and then I scan again and it hasn't, and I tell it to ignore something else (RealVNC) and it just brings it up every time it runs a scan, then complains that I haven't dealt with it if I don't say to ignore it again... typical of microsoft though, annoying software...

Dude, where's my tube...

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From notetoself: weblog: Making the tube more fun. Amusing abuse of underground maps... I want to know where to buy the stickers personally... :-)

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Opera.. thought it was good?

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Well I thought Ashridge were being clever using Opera. Unfortunately Opera has one main thing missing these days, proper support for XMLHttpRequest, which in turn means that I can't get to my Gmail account to send any emails.

Come on Opera, get it together...

Ashridge uses Opera

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I know a few people who are going to be chuffed by that, but as I stand here in the Ashridge foyer on their stand up only connection point, yep, its locked down so its hard to find out, but its deffinately Opera. Who knew a Business school could be so progressive in technology. Although they do see to still be on a dial-up modem as far as connectivity goes, luckily my site doesn't use images much so is nice and quick.

Big Brother - Patronising Wankers

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Can't believe it, tonight I caught a glimpse of John Maccririck (spelling?), the C4 racing bloke, talking to Bez, ex Happy Mondays. They subtitled everything Bez said in the scene... Sure he's a Manc, and he's got a fair bit of an accent, but come on... I expect better from Channel 4

From: Boing Boing: Saturn's moon looks like hollow plastic toy

Yeah it does look like its made of 2 halfs pushed together a bit to hard, or a cheap plasctic hollow ball, the kind you find in ball pits, but less colourful... wonder how that was made like that? Can't see it being a tidal or centrefugal force* type bulge, its too narrow

Perfect water for Whisky


Just notice our facilities management provide Speyside Glenlivet - Natural Mineral Water for meetings now. I think I'll be taking some home to accompany my Whisky collection. I don't often have water in malt (and NEVER anything else), but on occassion... and this seems just right.

Trooper Benjamin

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OK, he took his MMR like a man, didn't cry at all. So in about 10 days the doctor said to expect him to be bit ill for 3 days or so...

Oh and to all those people wondering about the broken leg, it's all healed up nicely. We took him to get it taken off before xmas and it had all healed over well (and amazingly quickly). He went back in the new year for a check up and he was fine then too. :-) And the other day he stood up unaided for about 10 seconds. I mean sure I balanced him there, but it was all up to him to stay upright. I think he was just performing though cos he wanted a bit of chocolate biscuit.

I'm hoping to go to the @media 2005 conference in london, blogged about here...
Ben Metcalfe Blog - London Conference: @Media 2005 (Web Standards & Accessibility), 9th - 10th June. Should be good, hopefully.

Like Malt Whisky?

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Well you can't, in my opinion, go far wrong with this one Glenmorangie 18 Year Old. I got a litre of it last year in duty free, but now I can't seem to find it for under... oh just found it for 55quid including delivery.. I might get that now.. Woo !! IMHO its like the Dom Perignon of Whiskies. But I've got a few Whiskies at the minute so my priority is to get hold of a Glenmorangie 12yr Rum Cask

Justice is blind

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Thatcher fined over 'coup plot' - Saw a cartoon in the Metro this morning. Judge says to the baliff "Bring me the laws for the rich".
4 years suspended sentence and a �265k fine, and he claimed he thought he was paying for a helicopter as an air ambulance. Dunno about you but if I give someone a stack load of money I like to see what I get for the money, and I think I would recognise an ambulance helicopter...

A use of a Mac mini

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Ok, so I'm not one to go goey all over a Apple Mac mini but I think I've found a use for one, attach it to my TV downstairs (technique pending) and use it like a cheap windows media centre. Wireless keyboard and mouse and attach to my internal network and I can browse too, albeit with a mac browser.


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Burns night is coming,
the Haggis are getting fat...

Looking forward to my annual Burns supper with a few friends round and a bottle of Malt.

yay !

Prince Harry the Nazi

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BBC NEWS | UK | Harry urged to say sorry publicly. Ok there's a side of me that wants to say, "What's the Big Fucking deal" if you cling to the past your whole life you'll never move on; but obviously the Nazi's were, well, genocidal, so Royal's as a public statement shouldn't really dress up as them. Then again I'm told The Producers by Mel Brooks is amusing, and they all dressed up as nazis in that and that's mostly acceptable these days. One question for our Harry might be, "why??"

Better be careful what I say

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So lost of other people have blogged this so I figure I probably will also, BBC NEWS | Scotland | Worker sacked over blog comments.

I always wonder how far I should go on my blog, I mean before someone takes serious objection. I mean one phrase of "Bush is a Twat" and you end up on the CIA's computers as a flag even before the right wing nutters from the southern states of the USA start sending you parcel bombs in the mail. But I think I am going to start a category on 'how our government fuck everyone over' anyways.

MMR day for Benjamin *ulp*

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Cross posting

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Thought I'd just mention Benjamin's Birthday here.

There, done it...

Entering Competitions

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So, you want something for nothing? Well this is a good start, an agregator of links to competition sites sorted by when they end, comps-online. Thanks to the lovely people at mozilla (and opera I'm told) you can use tabbed browsing with it too, so you can open all the comps from a day and then go though and do them all, well that's what I do anyways.

Just Surfin'

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Just been surfin around, finding new things an old: Updated my londonGeek profile. Found on google I am now below a mis-spelling or two before finding my site, although swamp the yahoo results. Popped in on gavsky, dave "electricsloth" van zijl, and Mr P, 'ur Ben, and still haven't found anything I want to surf.

10 hour takeover on Radio 1

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Today Radio 1 opened itself up to having the listeners pick what they wanted to hear. Good to see they play some stuff I recognise for a change. I particularly liked "the theme to red dwarf", "Dennis Waterman - Theme from Minder" and the chatter around them. Good to see some old school stuff too, queen,, t'pau, guns 'n' roses, "Theme from The Littlest Hobo" :-)


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