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Rude Bear

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...or what they really think of coca-cola.

Went to a garden centre near home just before Christmas, and saw a Rude Bear (140k real). No wonder they said no cameras, luckily I know how to shoot from the hip.

Sick Boy

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Poorly Benjamin
Benjamin's none too well today, with a temperature between 101F and 103.5F.
Slightly better Benajamin
But he's had some calpol, and his temperature is the lower of the two now.

Nobel (anit)peace prize

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Colin Powell is allegedly tipped for the Nobel Peace prize. So, its supposed to be for his work in the Sudan. Aren't more recent actions taken into account, like war mongering across half the planet. Such as this story: "US Secretary of State Colin Powell has admitted that evidence he submitted to the United Nations to justify war on Iraq may have been wrong."

People have a fucked up concept of peace...

...and other animals

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originally uploaded by cight.
Quacky looked on, unaware of his predicament with the zombie flesh eating sheep

Pay less tax

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Info from The Motley Fool UK, how to pay less tax. i know i want to. I think its amazingly rude of them to tax my savings, never mind twice (once normal bank deductions, again at self assessment time). And all the time with a smile on their face saying, you should save your money. Yeah! good idea for them! and don't even get me started on death duty and inheritance tax. Talk about unfair ! You save all your life, try to provide for your kids, and then the government come and take a whoping great slice, and for what, it not like your going to get any more servive out of them now your dead (if you ever did).

I lost my para noid-fish

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I lost my fish
him name is para noid fish.org
paranoid fish
P.S. I'll find my fish

seriously though, a mate just lost his website is a hard drive crash, very sad :-(

PS picture is not connected to his site, I just found it. Closest I could fine to looking paranoid.

PPS obviously a spin on this site


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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

well I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

your web history

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MindRetrieve - Search The Web You Have Seen. Its all about a searchable reference of pages you have seen on the internet. Useful... we'll see.

How to take notes

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Various wasy of Notemaking. I'll have to spod up later.

more stereograms

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Its quite addictive, I get them pretty quickly, but still, on a monitor, argh my eyes!!! These ones seem to be nicer mind you, even before they turn into something 3D.


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Its them pictures where they are like loads of dots and stuff, and you stare at them and then a picture, like, arrives in your head - Stereogram Page.

This one is very cool, almost makes you wonder if there would be a way to invoke mind control by having a certain picture.

For fun why not change your monitor to 60Hz and really screw your eyes up.

(that was a joke, its bad enough staring at the monitor at 85Hz)

Geek Valentine

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ThinkGeek :: Geek Love Poem T-shirt.

roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
all my base
are belong to you


Just when I thought of giving up on trackbacks, (mostly because I can't seem to trackback to others due to a flaw with my hosting):

Cue Janine Melnitz (the secretary) in Ghostbusters - "We got one", whoop! whoop! (fire alarm).

So I finally have people reading my benign drivel. well I may as well leave trackbacks on for now, unless of course I start getting this trackback spam

Quite depressing...

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When you hit get mail on your mail cllient, it tells you that you have 67 new mails, you go to find them and it turns out they all got filtered into your spam folder (and they are spam), and you've nothing new left to look at


firefox "dislikes" :-(

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Firefox has drawbacks imho in relation to Mozilla UI in the passwords management area. In mozilla if you come to a page where you have entered (and saved) a password before it will pop-up a dialog to say do you want to use it (or chose between several if that's the case). Now I can see this annoying some people, but I like it, and you can always turn it off. In firefox however you have to start typing the first letter your username in the box before it will give you options of previously used passwords. I can appreciate why they may have done it, and that this may be an advisable default, but can't there be a setting to bring back the mozilla way?

Oh and also why is 'Begin finding when you begin typing" hidden in the advanced > accessibility settings section?

That lovely F11 key


Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts, I like them, well at least I like browsing in fullscreen mode with reduced toolbars (F11). It's a hell of a lot easier to hit F11 than click on the full screen icon on the top left of the window and then again to turn it back to a windowed view.

nice shopping feature

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Ok so yesterday I blogged about ebuyer, today I found they have a cool feature I've not spotted anywhere else before. I'd found something else I wanted to buy and I'd then found it at ebuyer, so, as I have before, I thought well the order isn't fully processed or dispatched yet, I'll go and cancel it and start again, adding this other item. So I get to the oder screen and notice an 'add item' tab along the top. So now I've added another item to my order which will still turn up when it was going to in the first place, and I don't have to cancel my order and remember everything to re-add or pay extra postage for the new item.

Cool !!


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My new favourite shop ebuyer.com. Well it will be if all the bits turn up I just bought. Its fairly well priced and seems to have a good range of stuff.

(taa FraZor)

Urban Dictionary

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Just found out the term for losing your job for writing contravercial things in a blog 'dooced'.

But my online monika comes out quite well from this : Cight - Very good, awsome, tight, sweet, cool. - as in - That was really cight when the panda blew up the town with a nuclear bomb and then conquered the world.

Of couse pronunciation is anyone's guess.


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A pic or two of counter street art, where people have used their spaycams in game to decorate.

Hmm, seen it done to better effect where you spay a picture of yourself crouching and use it as a decoy, so people coming round a corner shoot it rather than you, and of course at that point you hear the gunfire, jump out and put them out of their misery. Cheating? Well yes it is.


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