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Finished the Loft (again)

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So, last time, I'd done most of the loft then. Shortly afterwards I went to B&Q and lakeside, some timber cut to sizes, bought some hinges and a latch, then I went home and built a new hatch for the loft to hang down. Fear me, for I am DIY- MAN (but it's ok, I've got my own fist aid kit ;-p ).

Riders ready?

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Pedals ready? Go !!BMX backflips, another game from, and damw frustrating too...


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We went paintballing yesterday and we thought it would be a good idea to blog vicky's lovely bruises. One on the arm:
bruised arm
...and one on the bum
There are others on both of us, but these were the ones the were lovely and rainbow coloured.

Cool satelite images

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Done the Loft

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So I finally got round to finishing flooring the loft... well more or less, and enough to start using it for storage. And then I went on to doing the bit by the hatch and fitting the loft ladder, yay !! Now I only have to sort out the hatch to drop down and it'l be easy to get up there. Then its scaletrix time :-)))

more pesksy penguins

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Its time for Yetisports6, this time its surfing. Try to do jumps and turns to get points, I'm up to 18000 points

Talk at ApacheCon

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I'm talking at apacheCon this year, did I say that already ?? oh well :-) I got my picture done by my friend Will, turned out not bad, except my forehead looks a bit klingon, ApacheCon US 2004: Speaker List
the pic

Dirty spamming b@stards

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I don't believe it, some american casino website has spammed benjamin's blog in the comments - Benjamin: First post.
update - now they've spammed 'spareparts' too - first post


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Doh, well that will teach me to bid on silly things for silly prices on ebay, I've gone an won an inflateable dinghy, eBay TRIDENT 260 INFLATABLE DINGHY . Yes yes, you can all laugh heartily now... presently I'm trying to get a mate who lives in scotland to pick it up for me, as i'm seeing him at a meeting in a few weeks.

making fiends

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Wee... its Making Fiends- Episode 11. Charlotte has been eaten by vendetta's huge fiendish cat, is this the end for our cheery heroine??? or will she just use the exit :-) ...Yay

I love...

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Yay, its the old BBC kids progs title music, Battle of the Planets (yay, its 7-zark-7), Bagpuss (ahh... Bagpuss), Box of Delights (Ding, diddle, ling, ding, ding ding, ding), Roobarb and Custard (episodes).
... ahh them were the days with proper TV.

How to fold a T-Shirt

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Wow, its How to Fold a Shirt. You thought it was so hard, but no!!

This is so cool, you have to see....

Avast Yee Landlubber

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Yee olde pirates is back from the days of the Amiga, and by the looks of it, it will be brilliant !! Sid Meier's Pirates! . Out 17th November.

Ben & Jerry's in the park

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We went to Lincoln's Inn Fields near work, where they wer giving away free icecream, unfortunately it was strawberry cheesecake so was a bit sickly to go back for seconds, and they only had the one flavour, which wasn't cherry garcia, but oh well, it was nice all the same:
ben and jerry's tentqueuing for icrecream

I'm talking at ApacheCon 2004

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I'm very excited to be talking in November at ApacheCon US 2004. I got the go ahead, from them, to talk about "Migrating the BBC website to Apache 2" TU17


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