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Underwater photography

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Just the right size

originally uploaded by cight.

I bought myself a underwater case for my camera. Now I can take pictures of lots of fishies while snorkeling. I'll just have to go and book a holiday somewhere nice now. more pics

Great, I got shafted by someone on Ebay and paid though paypal. Now paylap say, oh sorry, we can't get your money back for you.


Dear xxx,

After careful review, we have concluded our investigation of the Buyer
Complaint described below.

We have decided in your favour, however, we were unable to recover any funds from the seller's account. As stated in the PayPal User Agreement, recovery of funds associated with a Buyer Complaint cannot be guaranteed.

We will make our best effort to recover the funds in question if they become available in the seller's account in the future. Please be assured that we will also take appropriate action against the seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account privileges.


Some safe service that is. They agree you've been shafted, but that's it. I paid by credit card, can't that just be disputed? oh no, because the payment was to paypal and if you cancel that they will f**k you over big style.

I had to blog it

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I won it in a competition, honest !!

Strike update

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You may remember yesterday I went through the picket line and was pleased with the professional nature of my colleagues. Well it wasn't so relaxed an friendly on going to lunch. In order to get to the canteen we have to leave the front door of our building and enter the side door of the other. and on the side door of the other they had people that were seemingly slightly more vociferous with their requests not to cross the line, opinions and questioning. I knew I shouldn't have worn a shirt and should have dressed down, I think they thought I was someone who could make a change and picked me out of my colleagues. Anyway after a couple of questions and a bit of personal space issue (for me) I got though to building.

Then as I left there was a few mumblings of 'scab', which I would have expected from elsewhere than the BBC, but I suppose some people just have to descend to name calling. Pity, sent my levels of support though the floor. Some people just have no talent for sociology, I'm no professed expert, but I know what'd piss me off. Suppose it depends on what you're trying to do in a strike, get buy in and further support for your views or upset people to the extent they feel they can't come to work. I'd expected the former from BBC staff, but I guess the BBC isn't all good apples.

The House that Nick built

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Well I finished building the summerhouse yesterday, a marathon task, but I need to find all the pictures before opening the gallery. I've got the build ones, but need to get the concrete base and previous shed destruction ones before the full story can be told. But here are a few sneek preview shots:

What it's supposed to end up looking like
End Result??

All the parts for the build
All the parts for the buildAll the parts for the build - part 2

Checking out the inside of the finished product
Checking out the inside of the finished productChecking out the inside of the finished product part 2

Crossing the line

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Crossed my first picket line today, oooh... The BBC unions are having a strike over plans to make almost 4,000 people redundant.

I approached the main entrance from the front, a feeling of forboding, having not crosed a line before. Thoughts of what to expect a mixture of the miners strikes of the 80's and Carry on at your conveinience. The approach was relatively low of pedestrians, I figure people decided they didn't want to come in and cross the line. The line seen ahead being a few friendly looking people handing out flyers and chatting, oh scarey.

2nd Lady

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Condoleezza Rice or Sherry Palmer from 24, you decide who's who.

Ok, you probably guessed right, but scarey similar.

SSI - Regular Expressions

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Since the advent of Apache 2.0.x you have been able to do regular expressions in apache ssi. Meaning less reliance for me at least on .htaccess files and mod_rewrite.

This has lead me to be able to quickly make template files that pass the query string in multiple parts to the page to dynamically change the content.

New Style

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Thought I'd just try a new style for my blog. Makes a big change, same html, nice :-) Got it from here

I'll probably try one or two more soon enough.


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i think I'm going to start putting some example code here for doing Apache server-side include and .htaccess manipulation.

Hand hint no. one - printenv is your friend.

<!--#printenv -->

Bascially, putting this on a page will show the current environment variables on the page (at the part of the page at which it is placed). The 'pre' tag will ensure when rendered in the browser each line of environment will appear on its own line.


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