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apachecon talk

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So after about the 5th attempt, and 4th complete redraft, I finally submitted my talk to the planners of ApacheCon TU17 - Migrating the BBC website to Apache 2, and have a speaker logo on the cight.com homepage for now anyways.

...to park or not to park

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So its supposed to be Parking: Battle of the Sexes, but really its just a silly game... but fun all the same, I scored 408.

RSS: my new friend

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Thanks to a talk on RSS by Joel Chippindale I've finally joined the RSS bandwagon.. coo that's 2 in a year, first blogging, now RSS, anyone would think I was joining the 21st Century. So now I can tell:

  • when people are talking about me on their blogs (alice's atom feed)
  • what the latest BBC News is (and the videos that go with it
  • I can finally get round to reading slashdot
  • And that's just from 3 days bopping about during work. And of course this blog is all published using RSS/Atom and I never used it before.

    "RSS the freedom to pick and choose the stuff you want to read, without all the design cruft"

    more X-prizes

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    So, they've flown into space privately, and all for $10m, so now What's next for the X-Prize. I say there should deffinately be more of these, and you can suggest one on the x-prize site. If its going to take financial incentives to get people there, then lets just get on with it.

    Well it took them long enough, but now Odeon have not so much seen the error of their ways, but obviously been threatened with being sued so they've put up a text only film times site aka "accesibility ghetto", where all the people who don't have IE with Flash installed can actually get film times.


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