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Thanks to a talk on RSS by Joel Chippindale I've finally joined the RSS bandwagon.. coo that's 2 in a year, first blogging, now RSS, anyone would think I was joining the 21st Century. So now I can tell:

  • when people are talking about me on their blogs (alice's atom feed)
  • what the latest BBC News is (and the videos that go with it
  • I can finally get round to reading slashdot
  • And that's just from 3 days bopping about during work. And of course this blog is all published using RSS/Atom and I never used it before.

    "RSS the freedom to pick and choose the stuff you want to read, without all the design cruft" how do i get RSS? Well I downloaded feedreader to strt with and that kinda worked, but sharpreader had some added benefits over that, like easier configuration and drag and droppable doo-dahs. BUT I had to install .net framework 1.1 before I could use sharpreader, which I didn't like too much. I'm hoping to find a better reader soon.

    Whats next? Well I'll probably do some exploring at

    "coo its just like when I had a palm pilot and had avantgo" and also just like an idea I used back in '98 when I was working on our company's webguide of doing the same with ssi snippets pulled in by a user selectable config, but then that was just text links and didn't have summaries or pictures or metadata.

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