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Chavs all about

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Very uk socially relavant piss taking based on bohemian rhapsody tune, WWW.CHAVS.CO.UK

not so incredible...

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Oh, no, McDonalds got the incredible toys... guess that means I won't be getting any :-(. Oh well they looked pretty crap anyways.

They think its all over...

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"I pass the test. I will diminish, and go into the west, and remain a geek.

Ok so I did my talk, people listened, didn't throw up, didn't leave, clapped and asked a question or two. So I think it went ok. Then the session chair, and co-founder of the Apache Foundation, Lars Eilebrecht said it was a good presentation, so now I'm 'proper made up' :-)
Glad its over though. I just ploughed though it at made it with 5 mins to spare. I'll have to see if I can get the video... hopefully without paying the 500 quid it costs for all the videos.

Wow, that's incredible

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Last night I went to see The Incredibles. and it was very good*. Funny as hell and related to the funny parts of real life families. Classic 1920's comic stylings at times, followed up with 'american's sue everyone' in more recent years, making super heroics untenable. Don't want to do a spoiler, as you really should see it.


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Wil Wheaton doing the opening keynote speech. Talked about blogging, how he loves it and how it allowed him to not be an actor but start as a writer. How it allows freedom of thought and speech without influence of corporates. About how he started on yahoo geocities or something then moved to blogger. Wasn't too inspiring *shrug*

Tune stuck in your head?

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For the times when you have a tune stuck in your head, Maim That Tune plays you something else to get stuck in there, hopefully not joining forces with the first to truely drive you batty. Fortunately its only midi or that might work, phew...

Issues with hotel

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Quite a few unfortunately, I'm hoping its not going to detract too much from being here at ApacheCon, I'm sure it wont. Its only the tutorial days to start with but already I'm happy with the way the conference is panning out.

So, I get here and the place is a building site, as talked about the apachCon grande chief thing whatsit ken coar on his blog.

Yay, freebies...

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Looks like there is a good package of goodies and freebies in the ApacheCon attendees pack - blogged in Ted Leung on the air : Hackathon or Packathon

being made by fraunhoffer (mp3 codec writers?)
Following doc in german Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Mediendienst 11-2004-Thema6 But you can try google translate
...output in the extended entry...

Powerpuff pinata

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Boing Boing: Girl found inside pinata
What I'd want to know is, did they smack it to open it?


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Just found this thing called Geocaching, here's a FAQGeocaching FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Geocaching.
Basically, if I get the idea right, its like orienterring with a GPS unit (Global Positioning Stash hunt) for some hidden thingy... err read the FAQ. But it looks cool, pity I left my GPS unit at home :-(

Arrived in Vegas

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I'm all here and checked in and unpacked.
Found Andre as soon as I walked into reception, then I got put in this room at the back of the complex.

Going to ApacheCon

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As mentioned before I'm going to talk at ApacheCon US 2004. So I'm just finishing packing, ready to leave at 5:45am. I think I have everything. So I thought I'd blog the lot. Nice document repository to start with on here, makes me keep what I've worked on at least.

Firefox 1.0 released

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So Firefox 1.0 is released. Well its good. And it works to standards, by why has the Default skin got to look like IE6 :-(

Biometic Passports??

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Ok, according toForeign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice page, I'm pretty lucky I can go to ApacheCon 2004 on friday;

Halloween Party

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So we had a Halloween party which was great fun, lots of novelty food, drink, ballons, pumpkins, bobbing for apples and playing with fire. Oh and everyone singing along to the sound of music, shrug.

The Halloween Party pictures.


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