Most unpopular 2nd Presidential term since Richard Nixon

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You know, I'm sure democracy is not 'supposed' to work like this... BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Bush inauguration - 21m spent on makiing sure nobody shot bush, Holding back protestors with Water canons, polls slipping below 50% approval (see title) and now even Blair looks like his unilateral support for his bosom buddy is waning calling for a 'more consensual' approach. I mean you have to be getting pretty bad for even Blair to start saying you've gone to far.

So no Iraq mentioned in the the inauguration speech, thats probably because it looks like he's going to attack Iran next.

Yes Iran looks like getting nuclear weapons, but why shouldn't they, I'd want to if I was being pushed around / prodded by a foreign dictator with more weapons than sense, and button pushing fingers than IQ points. And what would Bush say if someone told him he couldn't have nuclear weapons? Probably "Oh I better use them up, on your country, in that case"

Personally I'm split between, "its only another 4 years and then it'll get better" and "we're all screwed, the world is run by a mad dictator"

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