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I use a little. I thought I'd just back up my list of links here, handy I thought. I'm going to try to sort a way I can add a recent cool links to this blog without having to do a whole new entry each time I find something cool. I wondering maybe a separate links blog would be good that publishes its simple output here.

check details of gods. Random Reference ... (tags: random reference culture godmythology religion gods) Metros:London
(tags: london social events)
Yahoo!Developer Network Home - Welcome!
(tags: ajax development geek hacks javascript programming reference web yahooapi)
Bore Me - the best of your inbox - funnymovies, funny pictures, games and jokes
(tags: cool email humor funny viral Videos)
Create your temporary spambox!
(tags: email temp spam)
FireFox Plugins
(tags: firefox plugin development tool css javascript)
site analysis ... (tags: tool analysis traffic statistics software freeuseful) |Top-100 essential downloads of free software & freeware for Windows XP
(tags: download software useful tools free freeware)
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers
(tags: hacks howto programming development productivity tips tutorial usefulorganization reference)
The Pencil Pages!
(tags: Pencil)
wiseGEEK: clearanswers for common questions
(tags: howto reference useful questions FAQ geek)
Web Developer Extension
(tags: firefox html accessibility css debug extension javascript software tooltools usability)
DynamicDrive Forums - how to change div tag contents
(tags: javascript dom howto techie)
QuirksBlog - XMLHTTP
(tags: xmlhttprequest ajax)
(tags: web http firefox extension debug)
JavaScriptCompression - Compress JavaScript Code Free with this JavaScript Compressor (CSSToo) - from Creativyst
(tags: css javascript tool compression download filesize)
Regular Expressions: Introduction- Doc JavaScript
(tags: regex reference tools tutorial javascript howto)
Regular Expression Basics |
(tags: regex tools)
The URLEncode andURLDecode Page
(tags: http tool web encode urlencode)
(tags: ajax javascript blog xmlhttprequest tools web2.0)
(tags: accessibility blog css html standards webstandards usability) - web 2.0javascript
(tags: ajax web2.0 javascript css tools)
moo.fx - the nextsmall thing
(tags: accessibility ajax web2.0 javascript reference tools dom flash)
DOM Scripting Task Force
(tags: accessibility ajax blog css javascript html reference usability webstandards dom webstandards)
TiddlyWiki- a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
(tags: blog wiki javascript web software tool cool techie lifehack organizationprojects) | UnobtrusiveFlash Objects (UFO) v2.0
(tags: flash javascript accessibility tools hacks)
Wait till Icome!
(tags: blog techie css accessibility javascript tools)
(tags: tools http techie reference)
SimpleLogic: URL Decode
(tags: tool http html techie)
http headerviewer
(tags: http apache tool automated techie)
Online Conversion - Convertjust about anything to anything else
(tags: reference tool academic howto techie)
D.I.Y. Live
(tags: cool diy howto hacks projects)
I want to - a pageof utilities that help you do stuff you want to
(tags: web2.0 ajax cool lifehack organization tool)
Remember The Milk
very nifty list management app. ... (tags: ajax tools tool techie cool automatedpersonal web2.0 planner lifehack todo organization)
RSS 0.91 Maker
(tags: rss techie cool html reference automated tool tools xml)
EyetoolsResearch: CSS Zen Garden -- an Eyetools eyetracking analysis
(tags: techie css usability)
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
(tags: techie)
stu nicholls | the CSSplayground
(tags: techie css)
JavaScript - Table ofContents
(tags: reference techie tutorial)
(tags: html css movabletype blogging techie)
Mozilla Accessibility Project
(tags: accessibility)
(tags: blogging techie)
Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks,& Techniques: A List Apart
(tags: css techie)
Web AccessibilityWeighted Lists ::
(tags: accessibility html) helping you develop the web. better.
(tags: techie css html accessibility javascript tools)
(tags: cool academic thought)
Encrypted PasswordGenerator for .htpasswd file
(tags: techie http apache)
Other JavaScript Issues
Creating Accessible JavaScript ... (tags: javascript techie htmlaccessibility)
all in the <head>
(tags: html techie ui javascript)
a web stanards ... (tags: accessibility css)
An accessiblebar chart
(tags: css accessibility html)
CSS Image Maps
image map that's built entirely using CSS and XHTML ... (tags: css htmltechie)
The Terrorist's Handbook
(tags: cool)
Guide to Lockpicking
(tags: cool)
Using the XML HTTPRequest object
(tags: http html javascript xml techie)
making IE6 into IE7 ... (tags: html blog techie css)
The CSS Weblog -
'covering CSS innovations' ... (tags: css techie blog)
Joystiq -
gaming site ... (tags: blog gaming) -charting the tags of users
what does your mind look like ... (tags: techie cool tool)
Engadget -
new gadgets website ... (tags: cool techie)
currybetdotnet - search : web : media : politics :transport - Martin Belam
(tags: bbc search)
Ben Metcalfe Blog
(tags: bbc techie rss blog)
(tags: bbc gaming cool techie blog)
Anne's Weblog about Markup &Style
(tags: css html techie doctype)
Apache 2.0Documentation
(tags: http reference apache ssi modules)
Css Reference
Blooberry ... (tags: css reference)
HTML Reference
Blooberry ... (tags: html refernce)
HTTP headers reference
Lists all the message headers defined in the HTTP/1.1 protocol ... (tags: httpreference)
HTTP Header Viewer
This service will allow you to inspect the HTTP headers that your web server issending along with your files. ... (tags: http automated)
FavIcon from Pics --favicon.ico for your website
make favicons from gifs without needing a downloaded tool ... (tags: toolautomated favicon)
my Blog ... (tags: blog rant personal life cool techie)

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