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So I thought I'd list a few extensions that go with firefox, some that I can't do without, some I use a bit and some I just started with :

  • Web Developer Extension - If you're building any pages on the web you should be using this
  • Greasemonkey - wonder why that site doesn't have this feature, with Greasemonkey you can add your own features to other sites (or download ones that others have made for sites)
  • Tamper Data - If you're interested in letting users get to your content, learn about how pages download, this can help, it shows al http requests, their size, how long they take (very nice graph facility), you can even tell what images are called by the page vs those called by the page directly. It is the best tool I have found for these features (and I've looked for a while) Oh and finally, as the name implies, you can alter http requests or replies to the server.
  • Document Map - all about knowing how your page breaks down into headers, once you use h1-h6 tags, firefox 1.5 version to install here
  • View Rendered Source - handy for viewing your source, looking for errors in nesting
    View formatted source (format source extension)
    Lynx viewer
    View your page in the text browser lynx

  • FireFTP - a fairly reasonable ftp program all for a 92k download

  • Platypus - lets you modify a Web page from your browser and then save that change as a greasemonkey script. Not played with this one much yet, but it could prove to be VERY useful

  • ============== Update ============

  • LinkChecker - Check the validity of links on any webpage.

  • Sage - Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension

  • Add n Edit Cookies - Cookie Editor that allows you add and edit "session" and saved cookies.

  • ASCIItoUnicode - Converts selected ASCII to Unicode with right-click - Actually, converts to HTML character codes.

  • Cookie Crumbler - At the click of a button remove all cookies for a site or domain, very handy when developing something with cookies.

  • Fangs Screen Reader Emulator - Renders a text version of a web page similar to screen reader output. Helps developers find accessibility issues fast.

  • Firebug - A 'good' javascript debugger, that JUST gives you errors on the page you're working on / loading

  • Lori - Small status bar time to download register, bit immature yet, needs work.

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