BBC Tv in "not so bad after all" Shocker

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In the last 10 years I've been quite disillusioned, disenfranchised and all round disappointed with the Television output from the TV, specifically in the entertainment part of the BBC's holy trinity statement of "Inform, Entertain ad Educate". I mean BBC always keeps up the quality of production, but dull and repetetive just doesn't cover it. But just recently things are getting better...

Yes, they've continued to do wonderful news and education programs, but I've been less than impressed with output of the kind of TV I can just sit down and enjoy. I mean, fly on the wall crap, pop idol, celebrity garden makeover challenge, makeover shows, house makeovers, car boot sales (!!, I mean the next step on that one it teleshopping), soap operas, hospital dramas. I mean if I wanted that kind of entertainment I could have just caught flu for a week.

But recently it seems to be turning a corner. Now, I can't say whether I am just finding the better programming from decently interactive TV guides and well displayed meta data therein, or whether its improved as a whole (or maybe its just turning 30 ?!). Clearly though the return of shows like Doctor Who have improved things. I mean I liked Doctor Who before, not so much in the sylvester mcoy years, personally, I think that choice of Doctor made it much easier to kill off the show before. It had become too cult, rather than popular, its had fed fans more than viewers (and a lot of fans would have said not even that.

The new Doctor Who is something I have great hopes for, lets hope they can continue what they started. Doctor Who is on at prime time Christmas day, something its not done for 40 years (I read the other day, William Hartnell's Doctor apparently).

Anyways, I've been finding more things that I am interested in on the BBC recently, I think things are getting better, maybe its competition, but whatever it is its good. But then you look at the competition, and you wonder where it is coming from? Sky One Christmas day? I don't think so:

10:00 - Futurama
10:30 - Malcolm in the Middle
11:00 - WWE: Experience
12:00 - Stargate SG-1
13:00 - Best of Brainiac: Science Abuse
14:00 - Brainiac: Science Abuse
15:00 - Moby Dick
17:00 - The Simpsons
17:30 - The Simpsons
18:00 - The Simpsons
18:30 - The Simpsons
19:00 - The Simpsons
19:30 - The Simpsons
20:00 - The Simpsons
20:30 - The Simpsons

The only 'Christmas day worthy' programme there I would say is Moby Dick. Compare with BBC1 :

10:00 - Stranger in the Manger?
11:00 - Songs of Praise
12:20 - BBC News and Weather
12:30 - The Santa Clause
14:00 - Top of the Pops Christmas Special
15:00 - The Queen
15:10 - Shrek
16:30 - Toy Story 2
18:00 - My Family Christmas Special
18:50 - BBC News; Weather
19:00 - Doctor Who
20:00 - The Green Green Grass

And you've got the wide appeal that BBC needs to provide, mixed with a few gems.

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